Pinnacle Careers is a boutique executive search firm and strategic advisor specializing in asset management for over two decades.

Pinnacle Careers offers an Executive Search capability within Global Equities, Fixed Income and Alternative Investments. We are a specialist in Management Consultancy providing Strategic Advice, aiding Human Capital Growth and stimulating Organizational Development for our clients.

Pinnacle Careers recognizes that people are the product and the most valuable resource in today’s fast-paced corporate world.

As a pure Asset Management search firm, Pinnacle stands out from a world of generalists. Focusing on one specific area where we are able to assist our clients with a greater level of detail and depth of knowledge throughout their hiring and strategic needs.

Our core services include Executive Search, Succession Planning, Board Level Consulting, and Talent Mapping within:

Buy-Side & Sell-Side – Heads of Equities, COO’s, CEO’s & Heads of Departments/Teams
Sell-Side & Buy-Side – Research Analysts, Sales, Sales-Traders, Traders & Portfolio Managers
Sell-Side – Quality Control Analysts, Supervisory Analysts & Editors
Graduate Recruitment & Career Mentoring
Investor Relations & Investor Relations Consultancies – Heads of IR, Business Development & Investor Relations team members
M&A – Assisting in bringing companies together to combine their Equities franchises

The new era of asset management — marked by innovation, the globalization of investment opportunities and investment owners, a high correlation of asset classes, heightened risk, and the search for “alpha” amid challenged public markets — demands a diverse, multidisciplinary leadership team to come out ahead.

Our dedicated financial services professionals possess in-depth expertise and long-standing relationships with top asset management leaders, developed through years of working in the sectors

​Through our portfolio of services, we help you make informed decisions about the leadership you need to build an organization that outperforms, inspires and grows.

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